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Basic Usage

The Cool Therapy works wonders, its absorbs through the skin quickly and theres no smell! Well done! This product is amazing!! My wife loves this stuff, will definitely reorder.

Mario Lopez

Autoswitch 3 Seconds

I love this product, it’s really one of the best pain relief creams on the market. You feel the effects immediately and theres no smell. Its like a better version of icy hot, thanks so much RX HEMP!

Aizta Aries

Custom Testimonials Included

I wanted to know what the buzz about this product was so I ordered my fist run with 500mg of Warm and Cool. First off thank you to RX HEMP this came in about 2 days after ordering it. Im in love with the creams, I will order more for my family this stuff works!

Daniil Llobachev