3rd Party Potency Test

Don't be fooled by other products, our natural CBD pain cream is 3rd party tested and verified. Our creams are GSMS verified for having a CBD concentration of 9.1mg/g, with virtually no TCH. There is over 500mg of naturally isolated CBD in a 2oz Warm/Cold container. Our creams are backed behind our quality guarantee to deliver you a medical grade topical pain cream.

Isolate CBD

Using TM14 our CBD creams are verified to be 100% CBD. There are no fillers our substations. The unique formulation of our CBD cannabinoids are designed to cover a full spectrum of ailments. Used topically they will treat pain within seconds.

Oral & Urine Clinical Trial Test Via LCMS

LCMS is the industry standard for testing compounds in oral fluids and urine samples. Our creams show up Negative for TCH so you can have peace of mind.