About Us

We aim to relieve pain using natural ingredients to reduce the need for opiates. We deliver a medical grade cream for sore muscles, joint pain, arthritis and much more. Our creams are THC-Free, third party certified and tested for potency. It’s relief that is meant to BEE!

Prescription topical creams are often used in the pain space. A vital ingredient in prescription creams is Dy-methyl Sulfoxide(DMSO). This organic molecule is not only a natural anti-inflammatory, but also delivers medication deep past the skin tissue. When CBD is applied topically, it is known that only a smaller percentage penetrates the skin barrier. RxHemp uses DMSO, which provides the ability to penetrate tissue, making it a valuable conduit for a delivery method of CBD combined with other anti-inflammatory ingredients.

The end result is RxHemp creams and products. We use natural ingredients such as Turmeric, Argan Oil, Hemp CBD, Resveratrol, Aloe Vera, Yucca Root, Bee Pollen and more. Each of our natural ingredients have a medicinal benefit of their own. Whether its used for chronic pain or post workout recovery, I hope you enjoy the benefits designed to treat your needs! “Feel the difference with relief that is meat to bee!” Orus G.